Slow Jerk 603/2 2 Piece #2, #3, #4

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    Slow Jerk 603/2 2 Piece #2, #3, #4
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    Slow Jerk 603/2 2 Piece #2, #3, #4

    For the travelling Slow Pitch Jigger, our much awaited 2pc Slow Jerk rods have arrived. Traditional 1 piece Slow Pitch rods create a problem for travelling anglers due to their length - typically 6'+ and this exceeds most airlines maximum dimensions for checked-in luggage. There have been horror stories of anglers arriving at their angling destination only to find out that their Rod Tubes remained at the port of departure as they exceeded maximum permissible length. The New Slow Jerk 2 piece series resolve that problem.  

    These rods are designed and built using an acid configuration with the butt join behind the reelseat, away from the foregrip to provide maximum strength without influencing the performance of the blank. Super excited as these are beautifully made and very pretty! We have extended the size range to include a #6 which is PE4-6 and can jig 600g max. These rods don't have to be solely for Slow Pitch, use them for most jig or even bottom fishing like anglers in New Zealand do. The full range is #2, 3, 4 & 6 and we have the same size range in our conventional 1pc Slow Jerk rods.

    SJB603-2/2 Specs:

    • Length: -  6'3"
    • Line:  -     PE0.8-PE1.5
    • Jig: -        120g

    SJB603-3/2 Specs:

    • Length: -  6'3"
    • Line:  -     PE1.0-PE2.0
    • Jig: -        160g

    SJB603-4/2 Specs:

    • Length: -  6'3"
    • Line:  -     PE1.5-PE3.0
    • Jig: -        200g


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