Black Hole Nano 80N

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    Black Hole Nano 80N
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    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80N (Nano)

    Nano-technology is 40% stronger than the Graphite. If you like parabolic action with enough backbone, then the Nano is recommended (It's also good for angler with weak back).

    Unique Features:

        Nano Technology provides more strength and durability

        Ideal for Tuna up to 100kg

        Excellent choice for GT Rod with lighter lures up to 180g

        One Year Full Warranty

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80N Specs

    • Length: - 8'0"
    • Piece: - 2 Piece (butt join)
    • Weight - 411g
    • Line: - PE5-8
    • Lure Weight: - Max 180g

    "When I touched the Nano Black Hole popping rods for the first time three years ago, It gave me soft feeling. I thought the rods need a little more backbone in the middle as it seems a little flexible.

    However, I found many fishermen don't like too stiff rods in the middle though they can give more pressure with stiffer rods to land a big tuna quicker. When fishermen come to my shop and compare both rods, they buy Nano popping rods which has softer feeling and a little flexible backbone in the middle.

    While stiffer BH 80G has stiffer and more backbone, the BH 80N(Nano) is stronger. It is said that Nano is 40 percent stronger than graphite and I am a firm believer Nano is much stronger than graphite after experiencing/testing Nano carbon jigging/popping rods last three years. But it doesn't mean that BH 80G is not strong enough. As I said we didn't have any single issue with Graphite Black Hole popping rods so far.

    It is upto fisherman's choice whether they like to use stiffer Graphite rods to land big tuna quickly or they fight with ease with BH Nano rods even it takes a little more to land. 

    Whenever customers visit our shop and compare both different rods, they tend to prefer BH 80N(Nano).

    BH 80G is slightly lighter than BH 80N as Nano has more density than Graphite. " - Kil Song


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