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    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G (Graphite)

    "These rods are similar to any graphite popping rods.I would rate the 80G upto PE10 and cast up to 200g popper. Newest high-end carbon from Japan is used for the blank. I will be surprised if any other Japanese high-end popping rod is better than the Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G as far as material is concerned. Many bluefin in 200 lb - 300 lb with the BH 80G were caught without single issue in NC and Cape Cod.You can fight with 30 - 35 lb drag as the rod has pretty stiff backbone and the rod is light as it is graphite."  -Kil Song

    The Graphite is slightly lighter than the Nano. If you prefer a stiff faster action, then Graphite is recommended.

    Unique Features:

        Specially designed for big Bluefin in 100~250lb range in Cape Cod, USA
        Excellent choice for a Monster GT Rod
        Extensively tested for big Bluefin in 150~250lb range in Cape Cod with excellent result
        Proved to have enough backbone for any Bluefin under 250lb with nice bend while fighting
        One Year Full Warranty

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80G Specs

    • Length: - 8'0"
    • Piece: - 2 Piece (butt join)
    • Weight - 386g
    • Line: - PE6-10
    • Lure Weight: - Max 200g

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