Knock Out Delta 220

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    Knockout Delta 220g
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    Knock Out Delta 220g

    New to the market are Knock Out Delta Jigs. All jigs are furnished with a South African hand-made Assist (Jigstar Split and Solid Rings, Japanese Red Kevlar, Jigstar Ninja 11/0 hook) assist rig.

    Delta jigs are centre-weighted, asymmetric in shape, compact and sink very quickly.  They also feature very rich holographic characteristics. Delta Jigs also have a lot of action and can be felt through the rod tip when Mechanical Jigging. This means it is very active when jigged aggressively.

    Delta Jigs are available in 4 colours and sizes 160g and 220g making the range perfect for tropical and sub-tropical locations.

    Knock Out Delta 220 Specs:

    Length       -       170mm

    Weight       -       220g

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