Hots Big Fin Inchuku 100

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    Hots Big Fin Inchuku 100g
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    Hots Big Fin Inchuku 100g

    The Hots Big Fin "Inchuku-Style" of Jig was designed for Bottom-fishing in most depths of water. The design mandate was to develop a jig that would work with a traditional Inchuhu style "slow-jerk" and short retrieve action, as well as provide stability for faster jigging retrieves without skirts and assist hooks fouling on the jig head. This was achieved through developing a unique head which is slimmer than traditional products, boat-shaped with wings, a weight-balanced “non-spinning head” that makes a wobbling action with side to side movements on faster retieves. The assist hooks and skirt are also of a new design, to enhance the tentacle flaring when static and stream-lined profile when "escaping" to emulate squid in the water whilst non-fouling on the jig head. Due to this design, these jigs are suitable for both traditional Mechanical jigging, and Slow Style jigging.  

    Hots Big Fin Inchuku Specs:

    • Weight:    100g
    • Colours:   Pink/Silver, Blue/Silver

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