Amegari Mehe 255 FS

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    Amegari Mehe 255 Floating Sweeper
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    Amegari Mehe 255 Floating Sweeper

    The Mehe is one of the Best Floating-Sweeper Stick-baits available anywhere in the world. Handmade by Orkatz Amegari using the best materials available, these lures are highly sought after by the International GT and Tuna Top-water Communities. The actions of the lure in the water can be varied by the angler using different retrieves. Best Lure action in the water is achieved with LONG side-sweeps of the rod tip, with slack line between retrieves results in extreme "S" swimming action of the lure in the water . Any serious GT or Tuna Top-Water addict needs at least one of these AMAZING lures in his lure bag.


    • Hand-carved from Paulownia wood
    • Thru-wired with 2mm Stainless Steel wire
    • Length - 255mm
    • Weight - 155g

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