Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 250g

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    Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 250g
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    Xesta Slow Emotion Flap 250g

    The Xesta Slow Emotion Flap is one of the best Japanese Slow Pitch, or Slow Style Jigs available. It has a broad Teardrop shape,
    with an asymetrical curved top and a convex - almost Tunnel-hulled bottom. The Slow Emotion Flap is a centre-weighted Jig and is
    best fished on the retrieve with small inputs to the reel ranging from a half-turn to a full tun of the reel handle. Both Slow Pitch and Long Fall
    actions of the rod are equally effective as the Slow Emotion Flap mimics a wounded Baitfish with erratic movements and lots of flash on both the drop and the retrieve.
    they are available in 5 weights and a wide range of colours with excellent holographic qualities.

    Xesta Slow Emotion Flap Weights:

    • 80g
    • 120g
    • 180g
    • 250g 
    • 300g


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