Native-Works Napalm 220 Abalone

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    Native-Works Napalm 220 Abalone
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    Native-Works Napalm 220 Abalone

    The Native-Works Napalm Diving Popper is without doubt the most sought after lure in the world at this moment. It is highly sought after, but extremely rare to find as production runs are very few and far between.
    The Abalone detailing and finish is truly amazing, with incredible hand carved workmanship all done in Japan personally by Kawauchi Kenichi, one of the greatest lure manufacturers in the world.

    The action is absolutely insane, with a generous sweep of the rod, the most amazing smoke trial is left behind, while the popper stays sub-surface and zig-zags in the most erratic "s" pattern you will ever see. There is no other lure in the world like it. The most outstanding feature of Napalm lures is that they are capable of lateral movements, which standard poppers cannot emulate. It wobbles through water foams and this movement attracts fish. Different retrieve actions can be combined when using the Napalm Diving Poppers.These lures are sought after and in high demand.


    Type:   Diving Popper
    Length: 220mm
    Weight: 120g

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