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    Heru Darkstar GT Mania 130g

    The Heru Darkstar GT Mania 130g popper is a true GT Slayer! Carrying a slimmer rear profile with a larger angled cup face, the GT Mania is the ideal Popper for choppier water with minimised surface skitter and an amazing bubble trail. A must for every serious GT Popping angler.

    A huge cup faced makes the GT Mania one of the loudest and noisiest poppers on the market. It generates a huge pop and splash, which is guaranteed to raise big GT’s and other Reef dwellers up from the depths. If you’re fishing deep and choppy water, or an area where you know there are big GT’s lurking that need to be angered into striking, look no further than the GT Mania.

    Built from a tropical hardwood, and hand painted one by one, with a total of 14 coats of paint and epoxy finishing the end product. The lures are through wired with solid stainless steel and feature a 300lb belly swivel, making them virtually unbreakable against even the toughest and most aggressive predators in the ocean.

    Superb design, beautiful finish, highest quality components and incredible action make Heru DarkStar lures a must have in any serious anglers tackle box. They are available in 4 Rennaissance colours:

    Heru Darkstar GT Mania 130 Specs:

    • Weight:     130g
    • Length:     185mm

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