Amegari Dzanga 215 BigCup

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    Amegari Dzanga 215 Big Cup
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    Amegari Dzanga 215 Big Cup

    The Dzanga is one of the Best Large-Cupfaced Poppers available anywhere in the world. Handmade by Orkatz Amegari using the best materials available, these lures are highly sought after by the International GT Popping Community. The actions of the lure in the water can be varied by the angler using different retrieves. Short, Hard side-sweeping retrieves provide high and noisy surface splashing and spray. Medium jerking side-sweeps of the rod tip will give the lure an almost "chugging" turbulence. Long and medium-hard side-sweeps will give the lure a LOUD Pop with intermittent dives through the surface and MASSIVE Bubble-trails!!! It can also be retrieved as a skipping lure, by retrieving with the rod tip pointing up. Any serious GT Popping addict needs at least one of these AMAZING lures in his lure bag.


    • Hand-carved from Paulownia wood
    • Thru-wired with 2mm Stainless Steel wire
    • Length - 215mm
    • Weight - 135g

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