Carpenter Endless Passion EP82/38

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    Carpenter Endless Passion EP82/38
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    Carpenter Endless Passion EP82/38

    The Carpenter Endless Passion Series are a completely new style of GT rod, being longer than normal which allows for superior casting distance, with greater ease. They also allow more time fishing as they are less stressful on the body.

    They are great Popper and Stickbait cross-over rods, and despite their length (8’2”), are incredibly easy to fish and have become major favourites with a good number of International GT Gurus.

    GT Popping is moving away from traditional “Broomstick” style rods that we have become familiar with, and given the huge advances and in Design, Technology, and Materials applied by Konishi-san have evolved into leading edge and highly sought after rods.

    Built using the new composition and process of Carbon Crossing, these are light-weight rods with amazing strength!

    The EP82/38 is a Superb all-round rod for the serious and dedicated angler.

    Carpenter Endless Passion EP82/38 Specs:

    Length: 2510mm (1 + Handle, Packed Length: 1780mm)
    Line: PE 6-8
    Lure: -190g
    Maximum Drag: 11kg
    Rod Weight: 396g
    Top Guide: EMNST-16
    Middle Guide: EMNSG
    Butt Guide: EMNSG-40
    Reel Seat: DPS-22 Down Lock
    End Cap: BRC-22
    Front Grip: 255mm
    Rear Grip: 430mm


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