Jigging Master Monster Hooks

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    Jigging Master Monster Hooks 11/0
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    Jigging Master Monster Tuned Jig Hooks

    The JM Monster Tune Jigging Hooks are made of a special hardened #420 Alloy Material. They undergo a special heat treatment process which ensures increased strength and hardness. Their design features an extended long tapered hook point and an enlarged barb providing better penetration and hook-set. These hooks have excellent corrosion resistance and will not rust.

    The 11/0 come in packets of 4, the 13/0 in packets of 3


    Specs for JM Monster 13/0:


    • Alloy – 3.4mm
    • W =    36mm
    • H =     54mm
    • H1 =   36mm
    • H2 =   19mm

    Specs for JM Monster 11/0:

    • Alloy – 3.2mm
    • W =    31mm
    • H =     48mm
    • H1 =   33mm
    • H2 =   18mm

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